in Metaphysics

On Change

All of us seek change in one form or another, but it is how we go about it that determines the success of our action plan to change.

Change is so much more than a single decision that is made in hopes of changing the schematic of one’s everyday existance. Change is about a methodical approach to altering the common habits that are ingrained on to the sub-conscious level of our functionality in life.

Change is to go go beyond habits and rituals that have long become the norm. That decision is not made by a simple utterance of a declaritive proclamation.

Change is not a numbered list where the end result comes first and the steps of how to follow. But it is a mode of thinking – mindset – that recongizes the hurdles that are preventing one from continualy improving in order to escape the self-sufficiency of the boundaries that hereinto been prescribed by societal norms, mixed messages of contemporary media and the motivational drivers of the human instinct that skews the intellect  and forces the mind into thinking that the self is more important than the whole world.

It is this self-indulgence that has been placed upon the pedestal as the all important mark that one should strive for. This inward way of thinking cannot give birth to change. Change comes about not when you think the world owes it to you and that it should help you change. No, it is you that owes it to the world, and everyone in it, to improve continualy and realize your human potential on this planet.