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On shoveling snow

Shoveling snow a chore? It’s all about the mindset. Physical activity is something to look forward to. When one is not prepared physically in order to accomplish a task, then the task would undoubtedly appear to be daunting.

Shovel from the right side. Tired? Shovel from the left side.

We sit around too much anyway. If internal energy does not have an opportunity to renew itself through a medium or an outlet then that energy grows stale. Stale energy is breeding ground for restlessness, anxiety and many other ills.

Find an outlet. Find it each and every day. In each and every opportunity. What are you saving your energy for? Afraid of pain? Pain will come, pain will go. Aches and pain signify that you are alive! And that’s a wonderful thing!

Shoveling snow a chore? If not today then when? Tomorrow it might melt, and you have lost an opportunity to let off some stale energy and replenish it with vigor.