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On the Now

Everyone is always in a hurry. In a rush to get to somewhere soon. Wonder if they know where they are going . Never a dull moment. Mind preoccupied. Anticipation rising. Instead of foresight it is often a feeling of trepidation. Wondering about tomorrow at the expense of focusing on the now. Life with a fast-forward button.

Listening to afavorite song do you do so with an anticipation of its end? If you are engrossed in a movie do you do so with anticipation of the final scene. Or do you forget yourself as you’re immersed in the struggle, the story, the journey? How does that feel?  What a dull life it would be if we were trapped in thinking about tomorrow for all eternity. Learn to live life as if there was no rush to get to the next moment.


Today is temporary.
This life is temporary.
The only constant is change.

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