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On The Sense of “I am”

“Is it not important to you to know whether you are a mere body, or something else? Or, maybe nothing at all? Don’t you see that all your problems are your body’s problems clothing, shelter, family, friends, name, fame, security, survival – all these lose their meaning the moment you realize that you may not be a mere body.”
– Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, I Am That
Caught up in the whirlwind of day-to-day existence one lives each day as if wading through a river. Exerting effort, struggling to make forward progress with each and every step. Struggling to keep one’s head above the water line. One has only to stand up in order to realize that one has been crawling on the bottom, getting mired in the mud. It is then that the river that is life no longer holds you back. Your movement becomes effortless. However, do you even have to keep on moving forward? Why not just stop and observe?


Today is temporary.
This life is temporary.
The only constant is change.

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