in Metaphysics

Agent of Change

The human body is an organism of change. It is change.

We go through life often like a water float that is anchored to the water bed – moving here or there but not really going anywhere.

Do not think of yourself as a powerless spectator in the events that are happning all around you.

To try if futile. You must do! As the saying goes, “Try notDo or do not there is no try.”

Be the agent of change that you would like to see. Visualize it!

In sports there a various methods of visualizing. Boxers, for example, are taught to punch through their targets. Obviously the intention of the method is not to punchy a hole in the opponenet, but to make sure that the force of the blow remains constant throughout its application to the target.

Do not lose focus and apply maximum effort because you are your own agent of change.