in Metaphysics


I wonder what people think about. I wonder why human beings stick to the same old patters of thought day after day. Year after year.

Passing of someone close; birth of a child, are certain to have a profound effect on one’s patterns of thinking, thus, in a majority of such circumstances it must be inevitable that one shifts a gear and possibly beings to experience life in a different light.
Is it possible to go through life without having a moment where you life outlook changes by itself?

Without being pushed to change does one continue in a line of thinking? Or is a push necessery for change?

Is knowing enough without experience?

I wonder how people remainĀ in a “us versus them” mindset in relation to other human beings without any drastic change. Basically, can profound change…develop, on its own.

We, human being, have been deceived by claims that we are different. We have been fooled into thinking real the term race. Under the blue skies, under the heavens, are we but one big family. We just just look different.

Are there not similarities shared among familial groups?

Human beings are like flowers: we are of different colors, tints, shades. Some are big and some are small. Some are short and some are tall (I am beginning to sound like one of the stories that I read to my son before bed). Still flowers are flowers. So why do we insist on denying ourselves such beauty?