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The Fear of Life

We are not born in order to live in comfort, to spend all of our days sleeping comfortably while enveloped in the warmth of our feathery beds. What a bore life would be if all we had are luxuries and security. What makes people so special as to think that we should get all that we want?

What is the purpose of our being if not to realize how far we can go in life. I am not just talking about thrill-seeking pursuits. We can go ptetty far in the matters of the heart and mind. What do mean when we say that we want success? A brand new shiny car? A big house? A different kind of marker that declares to the world: I made it! By chasing external dictates we suffocate our internal drive to self-actualization. Not everyone can achieve an equal measure of success. But an individual can and should define what success truly means deep down in the heart.

What makes the time allotted to us worthwhile is not having an easy road to travel on. It is the ability to acquire the strength to endure and persevere in order to see what we are ultimately are capable of.